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    Post by Comp_uter15776 on Thu Oct 28, 2010 11:29 pm

    Comp_uter Gaming (can be shortened to CoG) is a gaming community based around the game CnC Renegade. Renegade is also linked with numerous other things, such as IRC and these forums. Comp_uter Gaming was founded by Comp_uter15776 in the early part of 2010, and has only recently been using IRC. An IRC server DOES exist, named, although this is not up for long periods of time. Currently, the server being used is on, on channel #comps-fav-hideout. This is soon to change to #CoG on the new server. The reason for the #comps-fav-hideout was at the time of creation, Comp_uter Gaming did not exist. Comp_uter Gaming is not linked with C-4 Gaming, but is partnered with it. Comp_uter Gaming also has contacts with LG-Gaming and Black Widow Gaming. LG and BW( Black Widow) are linked on the irc server

    LG-Gaming irc server + channel #LG-Build. Owners: LGrobert, Assesine.
    BW-Gaming irc server (there are a few BW gaming channels so they will not be listed here) Owners: BWgike, a.k.a SuperGike.
    C-4 Gaming <<<< See the C-4 Gaming Category, or contact CABAL for more info. Owner(s): CABAL. (feel free to reply to this and i'll edit it.)

    Thanks for reading!

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    Some statistics! Very Happy

    Comp_uter Gaming fully functional: 10%
    Renegade server fully functional: 55%
    SA-MP server fully functional 30%

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