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    Donation options Empty Donation options

    Post by Comp_uter15776 on Tue Jul 20, 2010 7:00 pm

    Donation table is as follows:
    Price/Donation: | What you recieve:
    £10:00 | Admin/Owner status on both IRC and Forums or Owner on Comps Test Server £7.00 | Admin on Comps Test Server £5:00 | Admin/Owner status on either IRC or Forums
    £2:50 | Own Category and Forum and a trusted player

    any other amounts you'd like to give? message Comp_uter15776 ingame on Renegade, IRC, or message Admin here, or talkto Harry Ludlow if you know him in rl.
    EDIT: You can only give Harry money via post, and he will tell you where to send your post to once the amount has been decided. I will activate your option also as soon as i get it, and you decide (if its five pounds) wether you want admin on forums or owner on my channel.

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