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    Moderator guide.


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    Moderator guide.  Empty Moderator guide.

    Post by FireWarrior on Thu Aug 05, 2010 5:16 am

    Your role is simple. Play in the server, have fun, enforce the rules and pwn cheaters within the serrver. Keep it professional and remember your representing this community and your actions (no matter where you are) reflect on that. All we ask is that you use irc on a regular basis and make a quick check the forums regularly. Your loyalty and trust is very important to us. If you feel you can not live up to that please say so.

    Moderator Rules:

    - I feel that if you mods can't follow the server rules, then you have no right in forcing these rules upon other people.
    - If any moderator is caught breaking server rules then they will be temp removed, then either warned or demoted.
    - If a moderator continues to break server rules after they've been warned, then they'll be demoted again or removed completly.

    - It is absolutely imperative that you remember what happens and is said in our private areas stays in those private areas. They are private for a reason. Posting content from a private area in any form is a serious issue and will not be tolerated.

    - Our Server follows a chain of command:
    Owners > Administrators > Full Moderators > Half Moderators > Temporary Moderators

    - Under the chain of command, no moderator is permitted to remove or reverse any !ban, !kick, !recignore or anything of that sort done by a fellow moderator without first consulting who issued it. If needed, discuss with an admin about the situation. Administrators reserve the ability to turn over any !ban, !kick, !recignore or anything of that sort.

    - Pointless kicking is not allowed. always have a valid reason ( such as idle,spawnkilling, being a pain etc.. )

    - When banning, try to be as descriptive as possible. simply "h4x" doesnt tell us anything. use reasons. ( pistol, fr, rgh, wall hack, being a pain etc.. )

    - Be prepared to defend your ban.

    - Any questions or trouble arises between moderators, an admin active will handle it

    - Use your best judgment.

    New most important rule for mods:

    Do NOT argue or disagree in public, especially when it pertains to server issues. We maintain authority and respect as a whole when we follow established procedures and don't have arguments or command wars in the public viewable areas. Use these forums or the mods channel to discuss how to deal with a situation. Examples of this are (using real-life examples):

    </SPAN>' Mod kicks a player. Another Mod or Admin uses public chat to ask them to justify the kick. The correct way to handle the situation is to simply page or msg them that you have to ask them a question and to meet you in the mods channel or forum PM-
    Mod A and B are in-game. B kicks a friend of A for a silly reason and A gets mad and uses IRC to kick or kickban B from the server. Kicking a Mod/admin from the game is a capital offense that will only be tolerated in the most extreme of circumstances.'

    - While we can't possibly DEMAND loyalty, it is in EXTREMELY poor taste to badmouth us, the site or the server in public and we would all appreciate that you try to resolve your complaint in private first. Furthermore, talking badly about Reloaded, any admin, the site, or the server to someone behind our backs is also immature and rude. If you have a problem with any of those things listed and you want to bitch privately about that thing, you should politely resign your position, then talk all the trash you want.

    - Representation: Remember, being a moderator you represent the server, the community, Comp_uter15776, admins and your fellow moderators. As such, please conduct yourself in your "best behaviour". Bad run in with mods on a power trip reflect back on everyone, not just you. As such, players often do not understand that concept of one person on a bad day and can judge us all by the misdeeds of the few.

    Forcing scripts:

    - A mod can only force scripts upon a player if there ingame and honestly believe that a player is abusing, best cause of action is to get a second opinion from either a higher mod or another.

    - If I see more of this !qkick >player< go get scripts @ then action will be taken.

    Cheating :
    - Clearly no mod is allowed to cheat, but if you think that another moderator is cheating then aquire evidence before making accusations.Don't just sit there. Go ingame and fraps them. Don't just sit there thinking the cheaters will come to you. No.
    - If there are other mods in irc and you suspect a player of cheating, then ask them to fraps the player as well, then compare fraps and decide if you believe that they are cheating, or you can post it here and we can decide together.


    - Racism includes words such as Kanker, nigga, jew etc..
    - In the event that you see racism it's a immediate tban (!kick).

    - Forcing tactics: It's not anyones job to make a person play a certain way. Forcing a player to follow a tactic you/"the team" decided is wrong. Let people play how they wan't to play. This falls under things such as !kill/!qkick/!kick because there jetting.

    If you follow these rules/guidelines and are active, then you can expect a promotion in the future.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Moderator guide.  Empty Re: Moderator guide.

    Post by Comp_uter15776 on Tue Apr 19, 2011 12:15 am

    So detailed, and I forgot to post on this? VERY sorry. This is now a mandatory read for all mods. I must say though, i keep reading it then Re-read it it's so good lol

    Thanks for the post and time and effort taken.

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